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Fever Pitch!!

Fever Pitch was the most adorable movie i've ever seen! Parts of it made me cry, it was so sweet, and movies don't usually make me cry, so that's saying something. I love Jimmy so much. he's so funny, and such a good actor. Eeeek! I loved it! Can't wait to see it again!

If you haven't seen it yet, you absolutely NEED to. It's defo worth the 7 bucks.
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Aw I know what you mean, it was really sweet and I wanted to cry a few times! :(

I'm lucky it only cost me 3 bucks!
I was the best movie ever, yeah I cried too :-( it was soo sweet and adorable!
OMG i know...the part where he started crying was pricelessly adorable.

heyyyy BARRY GIBB LAST NIGHT!!!!! haha, i was *so* excited when that came on. i was way. but that was awesome. it was kinda rehearsed, (not like the first version which you could tell was ad-libbed), but i looooooved it.

that's hot.
eeek I loved it, I teared up, I bit my nails and I was so on the edge of my seat towards the end (I won't say why in case someone hasn't seen it and reads this) but anyway GREAT MOVIE. I loved it. I only paid $5.75 for it but I'd pay $7.00 to see it no problem there it's worth it. :)
I absolutely LOVED Fever Pitch. Wow, it was so freaking cute and I definitely cried during parts of it. It was SO cute and Jimmy and Drew were so adorable together. Oh my God, I freaking LOVE that's definitely one of my favorites!