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jimmy rocks more than my socks!

Holla everybody! My first post ever!

I love Jimmy so much. I squeal every time i see him on TV, or in the paper, or any glance of him. I stay up late just to watch SNL reruns in the solitude with my whole family asleep, because they laugh at me.

I LOVED the Best Of Jimmy Fallon DVD! It was high-LARIOUS, and he's not hard to look at... :) Especially his SNL audition on the extras... And Taxi was hella awesome, too! I rented both in one weekend! Jimmy binge!

I MUST see Fever Pitch on April 8th, too! It's a necessity.

Feel free to friend me! I'm likeable, i swear! And i've been told my entries are funny, but i can't judge that. Yah. Glad to be here!
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