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"One time, I was on a boat, and this guy was like, 'COME TO THE BACK OF THE BOAT!'"

I watched Jimmy's "Best Of" DVD last night, and I loved it! The only thing that dissappoints me is that they didn't include the entire John Mayer Christmas song! I mean, really, they show the entire stupid Paris Hilton skit, but not that!? Don't get me wrong, Jimmy is cute on the Paris skit, but I just hate her so much that I wish they woulda' left it out.

As for the extras, the "Drinking in the Woods" rehersal skit is cute! That's always been my favorite song from The Bathroom Wall, 'cause it reminds me of people I know!

I wish they could've somehow included some clips of when Jimmy hosted The Late Show. But I guess that would be complicated, seeing as SNL is NBC and The Late Show is CBS.

Great DVD, but it just makes me wish Jimmy was still on the show!

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